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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Homeschool Favourites | November 2016

It's November, and it's time for another Monthly Homeschool favourites!

In these blog posts, I share with you some of the products and resources we have been enjoying in our homeschool this month. 

Muslim Homeschool Monthly Favourites

As some of you may have noticed, we didn't do an October Favourites video! Whoops! Actually, my family and I went travelling around Kenya and U.A.E that month. So we took a 3 week break from formal homeschooling, and allowed the children to benefit fully from their new experiences abroad. If you'd like to see some of our holiday photos, you can see them on my Instagram account.

This month, I have so many fun and exciting new products I want to share with you! This includes a really cool electronics kit that my kids adore, some great books we've been enjoying, and a gratitude journal for Muslims.

As usual, we have a GIVEAWAY running this month, so if you'd like to enter, scroll down to the bottom of this post, and enter with the Rafflecopter widget.


To take a closer look at all the products mentioned in this blog post, 

Cambridge BrainBox Electronics Kit

My children have really enjoyed using this Electronics Kit from Cambridge BrainBox

I was looking for an electronics kit to supplement our science lessons. This one was significantly cheaper than everything else on the market, and I think it's great!
It really well-made, and is easy for the kids to use independently.

electronics kit for kids Cambridge brainbox

This kit covers most of Key Stage 1 and 2; working brilliantly as an introduction to electricity for children.

There is an easy-to-follow manual included, that not only explains how to set-up each experiment, but also explains what it shows.

The components are very easy to fit together and your children will have new circuits set up in minutes! 
If you don't believe me...WATCH THIS VIDEO!

If your children are interested in electronics, or you are planning to look at electricity as part of our homeschool curriculum, I would highly recommend this Electronics Kit by Cambrdige BrainBox.

Muslim Homeschool Cambrdige Brainbox Electronics Kit

The "Making Science Fun" kit is their most basic package. They also have kits to make boats, cars and all kinds of fun projects for your children!


Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi has been an absolute joy to read with my children. This is the original version, that is so different to the Disney movie!

It is full of rich vocabulary, beautiful illustrations and a deep undercurrent of good moral teaching runs throughout the book. It is a feast for the imagination and so much fun! 

My eldest always asks me to keep reading from it when I finish a chapter. He has NEVER done that before with any book! mashAllah!

Muslim Homeschool Pinocchio read aloud

I would recommend Pinocchio for children aged 4-9.

Fitra Homeschool Journal

Finally! A homeschooing journal for the Muslim homeschooling community! 

The Fitra Homeschool journal publishes articles written by homeschooling families all around the globe; bringing their perspective and opinions to print. They have articles about homeschooling methodolgies, personal accounts, resource reviews and a plethora of homeschooling information and inspiration.
Homeschool Favourites Fitra Muslim Homeschooling Journal

The Fitra journal is available in both print and digital versions from Amazon. 

This issue if no.1, and focuses on "Getting Started"; with articles about organization, budget planning , advice for reluctant parents and self-care tips. It was both informative and really really interesting! I love hearing about how other families approach home-education!

If you are new to home-education, or even if you are very experiences, I think that you will find the Fitra journal a really enjoyable and a useful resource. 


365 days with Prophet Muhammad

We LOVE this Seerah Book for Kids!
The 365 Days with Prophet Muhammad has become our new favourite. The book divides the Story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) into 365 sections; one for each day.
I love the idea of dedicating part of each day to learning the Seerah of the Prophet. We read our copy bed, in the hope that these stories and meanings will fill my children's dreams, insha'Allah.

Gratitude Journal

Children growing up in the West often face the risk of becoming "entitled" and forgetting how Blessed they truly are. 

Keeping a gratitude journal is a beautiful way to nurture shukr in your children's hearts. 

We are ordered by Allah (SWT) to be grateful slaves, and this is something we must teach to our children:

"Then remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me, and do not reject Me" (Al-Baqarah 2:152).

Muslim Homeschool Ayeina Gratitude Journal

This little book is filled with the most incredible water-colour illustrations of examples of things to be grateful for.

There are several lined-pages where you are invited to write down something you want to say "Alhumdulillah for" for each day.

Muslim Homeschool Ayeina Gratitude Journal

Muslim Homeschool Ayeina Gratitude Journal

If you are looking for a journal with lots of space to write, this is not the right fit for you. However, I think this journal is perfect for busy people (or for children) who want to develop a habit of gratitude, and would like to simply write down a list of things, or short sentence.  

Finding time in our busy lives to reflect on the Blessings in our lives, is a very beneficial practice to teach to your children, and I would urge you find a way to begin this in your home. 

Some families simply ask their children to say thank you to Allah before they go to sleep, others make impressive wall-art to display. I recently saw one mother who had made a Gratitude Tree, and on each leaf was written something to be grateful for. 

The Gratitude Journal for Muslims is available in Softcover, Hardcover and as a Download. 
You can purchase it from the Ayeina Website, or find your local distributor.



Muslim Homeschool Giveaway

This November I am thrilled to be able to share TWO of my favourites with one of you!!!

I will be giving away:
Softcover Gratitude Journal for Muslims – #AlhamdulillahForSeries from Ayeina.com (RRP: £12)
Fitra Journal: The Muslim Homeschool Quarterly: Issue#1(RRP: £7.56)

The November 2016 Favourites Giveaway will run until Wednesday 7th December 2016 at 12AM GMT

The giveaway is open Internationally

All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.

Please aware that if entering from overseas, you may be liable to pay customs tax (or the equivalent), so please check beforehand.

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (click HERE is you would like to know more about Rafflecopter). 

I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email. 

The winner has 24 hours to respond, otherwise I will have to select another winner.

I hope you found it useful to see what we've been enjoying in our homeschool this month. 

I'd love to know what your family has been using this November :)
Please let me and all my lovely readers know in the comments below!

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See you next month insha'Allah!

In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx

Educational Games for 2-6 Year Olds

Monday, 21 November 2016

A Day in the Life | Our Muslim Homeschool (2016)

Hi Everyone! 
This is A Day in a Life of Our Muslim Homeschool

Watch what we do on a typical day; from early morning Quran, morning lessons, craft projects and our afternoon nature walk!

Come along and see how we home educate our  children!


Products mentioned in this vlog (includes affiliate links):

Holy Quran for Beginners: http://amzn.to/2fLlL6b (UK) 
                                            http://amzn.to/2ga4DUQ (USA)

Qai'dah: https://safarpublications.org/product/abridged-qaidah-a5/

Maths: https://raysarithmetic.wordpress.com/ (free download)
Multplication Book: http://amzn.to/2gCLBLW (UK)
                                    http://amzn.to/2gvFOab (USA)

Spelling: http://amzn.to/2eZDpDW (UK)
                http://amzn.to/2ga56X6 (USA)

First Language Lessons: http://amzn.to/2eZFcce (UK)
                                           http://amzn.to/2ga6LM5 (USA) 

Alphabet Sound Puzzle: http://desidollcompany.com/product-category/sound-puzzles/

Magnetic Calendar: http://amzn.to/2gw7sno (UK)
                                http://amzn.to/2gDlx32 (USA)
Islamic Calendar:  http://ourmuslimhomeschool.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/islamic-calendar-for-children_14.html

ABC Mouse:  30 DAY FREE TRIAL! (Affiliate)
Click the link below:

BFG: http://amzn.to/2fiDiyT (UK) 
         http://amzn.to/2geXsf7 (USA)

Story of the World: http://amzn.to/2fLqMvI (UK)
                                  http://amzn.to/2eZGBzw (USA)

Pinnochio: http://amzn.to/2gvInZy (UK) 
                    http://amzn.to/2gf0Vdx (USA)

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave me a comment down below.

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In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx

Educational Games for 2-6 Year Olds


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ancient China: Ming Bowl Craft

We have been learning about Ancient China in our homeschool. The history of China is so interesting, and the children have really enjoyed learning more about the Chinese culture.

In addition to the history of China, we have learnt more about the physical Geography of China, including map work and read some Ancient Chinese legends.

Homeschool Ancient China craft activity

The idea for this craft came from Story of the World: Activity Book 1.

Both my 6 year-old and 4 year-old boys enjoyed doing this activity, and our Ancient Ming bowls look beautiful displayed in our dining area.

Ancient Chinese Bowl Craft

Craft Supplies:

Air Drying Clay
Cling-film (Plastic wrap)
Small plastic bowl
Rolling Pin
Blunt knife
Blue paint
White glue (optional)
Paint Brush

How to Make your Ming Bowl:

  1. Roll out clay to about 1 cm thick, so that it will cover the entire plastic bowl.
  2. Wrap the plastic bowl in cling-filmand turn upside down. Make sure your surfaces are covered in newspaper or an old table cloth. 
  3. Lay the clay over the upturned bowl. 
  4. Use your knife to trim away the excess clay and make the edges smooth.
  5. Leave clay to dry over-night.
  6. Once completely dry, use your blu paint to decorate the outside of the bowl. Chinese pottery was typically painted with flowers, birds and outdoor scenery. Leave to dry.
  7. If you would like to give your bowl a gloss finish, mix 2 parts glue with 1 part water to make a glaze. Paint this mixture over the entire bowl, and leave to dry.
Here are my son's beautiful Ancient Chinese Ming Bowls:

Ancient China Homeschool Craft Art Project

My 6 year-old painted waves onto his bowl, and my younger son (4 years-old) chose to paint trees on his. They were really pleased with the results and have been showing these bowls to anyone who comes to visit!

More Resources for Ancient China Unit Study:

Other Resources we have used for our Ancient China Unit Study include:


We have really enjoyed learning about Ancient China. The only thing left to do now s get some Chinese take-away and watch Kung-fu Panda! 

Have you been looking at Ancient China in your homeschool? Have you done any interest Chinese crafts?
I would really love to hear what resources you have been using. Please share with us in the comments below! 

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In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Advice to Ambitious Mothers: Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016

Can we have it all? 
Can we be devoted mothers, beloved wives and have a career of our own? 
How do Muslim businesswomen manage to juggle all their responsibilities?

It was an honour, to be invited to the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016 as an on of their Official Bloggers. I had planned to scour the MLE arena, looking for innovative new toys or books that my readers would be interested in. 

Advice to Ambitious Muslim Women: Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016

However, in addition to the incredible products I saw there, what moved me the most, was speaking to the Muslim businesswomen. I was intrigued how they managed to run a business, take care of their home, the needs of their husband and children and themselves. I wanted to know, what motivated them when they started the business and what keeps them going?

I met so many incredibly strong and ambitious Muslim women at the MLE, and I want to share their story and the advice they gave me here.

To see my vlog of the Muslim Lifestyle Expo, and hear from these women yourselves, 


Advice to Ambitious Mothers: Muslim Lifestyle Expo

The organisers of the MLE announced that more than 60% of exhibitors were women. Many of these women had children and were running their business from home.

Here are just a few of the inspiring women I met there:

Nazia Nasreen: Ibraheem Toy House

When I arrived, I knew exactly who I wanted to meet first; Nazia Nasreen, the Founder and CEO of Ibraheem Toy House!

Ibraheem Toy House is the U.K.'s first and largest online Islamic Toy Store.

Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016 : Ibraheem Toy House

Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016 : Ibraheem Toy House

Nazia began her business at home when her children were very young. Having begun with only 4 products and a Facebook page, she now, only 2 years later, sells more than 200 products from her website, has international clientele, and was recently featured in the Times, Business Quarterly, and the Guardian.

When I spoke to Nazia about what advice she would give mothers, who want to start a business she said,

“Go for it! Don’t think that starting your own business means that you wont be a good mum….You’re actually setting a really good example for your children because you are showing them that you can get good things in life by working hard.”

Muslim Lifestyle Expo: Ibraheem Toy House

Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016 : Ibraheem Toy House

Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016 : Ibraheem Toy House

To hear the rest of this interview, WATCH THE VIDEO!

Sabah Nazir: Islamic Moments

Sabah Nazir, the founder of Islamic Moments, began her business in 2004 selling mainstream greeting cards; and then later venturing into Islamic products.  

Her company, sells a range of Islamic greeting cards, Eid and Ramadan d├ęcor, and stationary. They recently launched a line of beautiful mugs for Muslim homes, and an Arab-inspired fragrance collection.

Muslim Lifestyle Expo: Islamic Moments

Muslim Lifestyle Expo: Islamic Moments

Sabah’s advice to mums who want to start a business from home was, 

“Time-management is the key to everything! Be super, super organised...Believe in Allah and insha’Allah things will be right.”

To hear more from Sabah, WATCH THIS VIDEO!

The Sweet Board

The wonderful thing about the MLE, is that you get introduced to amazing products and services that you never knew existed! 

Sister Saadia, managing director of The Sweet Board, runs her confectionery business from home. 

She said,
“It has always been a hobby of mine to do party favours…and now its expanded!

Her stand was so beautifuly presented mashAllah! To see it yourselfe and hear more from Saadia, WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Zukreat Nazar – AOM Cosmetics

If you don’t know who Zukreat is…where have you been?!?!? 

Zukreat Nazar, is the Founder and CEO of Artist of Makeup Cosmetics, and has a Youtube following of more than 300K and Instagram following of more than 570K!

Muslim Lifestyle Expo: Zukreat Artist of Makeup

She was part of a panel of Muslim business women, talking about how they started their businesses, what their motivation was, and how they juggle their many responsibilities.

Zukreat said,
“ If you’re planning to have a business, have good people around you to give you confidence….If you have a passion for something, and you feel you’re good at it, just pursue it!”

For more advice from Zukreat, WATCH THIS VIDEO

Zanib Mian 

– Author and Founding Director of Muslim Children’s Books and Sweet Apple Publishers

I met Zanib Mian on the Ibraheem Toy House stand, where she came to do a book signing and read from her book “Migo and Ali”. 

What struck me most about Zanib, were her manners mashAllah. She is so polite and humble, despite her many achievements, and is very approachable and easy to talk to.

Muslim Lifestyle Expo Zanib Mian

Sweet Apple Publishers was set up in 2004 to truly represent the world we live in with diverse characters taking the main roles in their books. Her second publishing house, Muslim Children’s Books, publishes books with the aim to inspire a love of Allah in young children’s hearts, through vibrant illustrations, quirky wording and a sprinkling of humour!

Zanib Mian - Muslim Lifestyle Expo

Coming away from the event, I felt almost euphoric! It was as if my eyes had been opened to so many possibilities! 

Perhaps it is possible for a mother to pursue her dreams and ambitions, and still manage all her other responsibilities. Perhaps it’s not just those untouchable “superwomen” who can do it…maybe I could do it…maybe you could too!

I have heard many people speak about business in a negative light; it is just chasing the dunya (the temporal world), and it is for people who are only interested in money. 

However what motivated the inspiring women I met couldn’t have been further from that! Their motivation was not amassing money (although that was a perk!), but rather it was to make a positive impact on the world, and help people in someway. 

Ultimately, these lofty intentions have turned running their businesses into a form of worship. May Allah accept their efforts and reward their intentions.

Our Muslim Homeschool - Muslim Lifestyle Expo

I cannot wait for the next Muslim Lifestyle Show! The atmosphere was amazing, and we all left the event feeling positive and proud to be Muslim! I hope I'll see you all at the next event :)

What do you think about mother's running a business? 
Do you think women can juggle it all, or is it an unnecessary pressure that modern women put upon themselves? 
Are you a stay-at-home mum who works from home? How to manage everything?
Or are you choosing to wait until your children are older before you begin?

Lets have a discussion in the comments below! (Keep it polite please! )

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In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx

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