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Friday, 26 August 2016

How we Teach the 99 Names of Allah

This blog-post was written in partnership with Al Maurid Books. Although I was compensated for my time, and given a review copy of the book, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Teaching the 99 Names of Allah can be challenging for any Muslim parent. In our Muslim homeschool, we use a variety of creative and hands-on activities to help our children remember the names of Allah.

How to Teach the 99 names of Allah Muslim Homeschool

Teach the 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool

I believe that learning the names of Allah does not need to be rushed. By taking our time, we allow the names of Allah to impact on their hearts, thereby helping to nurture a deeper and stronger connection to the Divine insha'Allah.

Each activity below is designed to help children understand the 99 names of Allah. The names themselves can seem complicated and somewhat abstract to young children. By associating the Divine name with an activity or craft, we show the children a more concrete representation of that name, creating a connection that will help with memorisation, as well as their understanding.

And besides....it's so much more fun this way!!! 

To watch a Youtube Video about all the activities we have been doing, 

Why Learn the 99 Names of Allah?

Learning the names of Allah (swt) is a great way to help children to understand the nature of Allah and create a love for the divine in their hearts insha'Allah.

It has been narrated Abu Huraira that the Prophet (SAW) said, 

“Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.”

Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 50 Hadith 894

How We Teach the 99 Names of Allah


The first place we began is with the name "Allah."

Using a FREE TEMPLATE of the name, we filled in the letters with sequins and buttons to make a beautiful calligraphy to hang-up on our wall. 

Alternatively, you could use glitter, tissue paper or even make a collage from old magazines or newspapers. 

Teach 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool

Teach the 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool


Al-Khaliq can be translated as "The Creator". 

For this name, I felt the best way to teach the children about how Allah creates, is to witness His creation.

So we went outdoors; to the park, to the woods, and just around our own garden, and spent some time talking together about what Allah had created. We talked about how He created everything from nothing, with no help

This concept is something that even the youngest of children can understand. Allah made the clouds, Allah made the sun, Allah made the birds etc. 

I asked the children to collect things from our nature walk. We came home with so many twigs, leaves and flowers! 

Once we got home, we made a poster using a FREE Colouring Page of the name Al-Khaliq. 

Around the name we stuck all the beautiful things that the chlidren had collected. It looked lovely up on the kitchen wall!

Teach 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool

Teach 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool

For more details about this craft, you can read my previous blogpost HERE


Al-Malik translates as "The King." 

As a visual representation of this name, the children made a crown! 

Whilst they were making it, we talked about how Allah doesn't wear a crown, and how Allah does not look like any king that they can imagine. We spoke a little about the role of a king and I asked them,"Who is the King of the Kings? ..... Allah!"

Teach 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool
If you would like to make this crown with your children,  CLICK HERE.

Ar- Razzaq

Recently, we have been learning the name Ar-Razzaq which translates as "The Provider."

To help the children understand this name better, we have been using the book "Aishah Learns to Bake" by Latifah Peerbux. 

Teach the 99 names of Allah Aishah learns to bake

This is the story of a young girl called Aishah who wants to bake. Her mum agrees to teach her how, but she asks her to guess all the ingredients they need. What is wonderful is how her mum uses clues with an Islamic or Prophetic twist!!! 

For example, as a clue for dates, her mum says,

"Allah even says we find this fruit up in heaven! 
It's the same fruit we eat in Ramadan to break our fast!"

Teach 99 Names of Allah Aishah Learns to bake

Aishah continues to guess all the ingredients for her cakes, learning more and more as she does so. 

The book ends with her father explaining to her how Allah is Ar-Razzaq, the Provider. 

It's a sweet and heart-warming story that helps children to understand what a blessing it is to have food, as well as the Blessings that different foods contain; and ultimately to be more grateful to Allah for providing us with them. 

As the hands-on activity, we made the Honey and Date cupcakes that Aishah and her mum baked. They were delicious! Alhumdulillah! 

Teach 99 names of Allah Aishah learns to bake

Teach 99 names of Allah Aishah learns to bake
Whisking is so much fun when you're 4 years-old!

Teach 99 names of Allah Aishah learns to bake
My toddler wanted to join in!

Teach 99 names of Allah Aishah learns to bake
Decorating the Cupcakes

Teach 99 names of Allah Aishah learns to bake
Honey and Date Cupcakes! Yum!

Al- Wadood

Al-Wadood can be translated as "The Most Loving." 

The idea that Allah loves us, even more than mummy and daddy, is something that even very young children will understand. This art activity is a great one for small kids too!

We drew the outline of a heart onto a piece of paper. The children then scrunched up lots of small piece of tissue paper and glued them all over the heart! 

They looked so pretty, and were a wonderful visual reminder that Allah loves them!

Teach 99 Names of Allah Muslim Homeschool


Most recently, we have been looking at the name Ar-Rahman, which can be translated as "The Most Compassionate." 

I'm still thinking about what hands-on activity we can use to help the children to better understand this concept. 

My initial idea was to ask the children to take care of our cats for a week. I hope that this will teach them that just as they are taking care of their cats, Allah is taking care of them, and their family, and all the people in the whole world, and all of creation

What do you think? If you have a better idea I'd really appreciate it if you would share it with us all in the comments section below!!!

Have you been teaching the 99 Names of Allah to your children? 

How did you approach it?

If you have any useful resources, I'd love to hear about them.

Please let us all know by leaving a comment down below!

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In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Homeschool Favourites | August 2016

We have officially started school again and we're having a great time! 

Although having a break is so important, we really missed the routine and structure that our homeschooling brings to our day!

I'm so happy to be sharing some exciting new books and educational resources that we've been enjoying this month in Our Muslim Homeschool. 

Muslim Homeschool August Favourites

Homeschool Favourites | August 2016

For an overview of all the products mentioned, and to see them in more detail


Eastcolight Human Torso Set

This model of the human body has been such a hit with the children! 

They love seeing where all the organs and bones go... taking it apart, and putting it back together again. 

Muslim Homeschool Favourites Human Model

It's a fantastic hands-on way of teaching anatomy, and it has really got them excited to learn more about the human body.

Muslim Homeschool August favourites Eastcolight human torso

It also comes with fact cards, a poster, a manual and a calorie-counting wheel. To be honest, the kids haven't used any of these extra bits yet. They're too interested in the model itself! 

Pocketful of Pinecones

This book continues to inspire me every time I read from it! 

This is  a book for homeschool mums, or anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Charlotte Mason method of home-education. 

Muslim Homeschool Favourites Pocketful of Pinecones

It is a fictitious journal of a homeschooling mother based in the U.S.A. around 100 years ago. She decides to take her children out of school and, with the help of only one of Charlotte Mason's books, she begin homeschooling her children.

There is a lot of focus on nature study and on "mother culture" in this book. 
For more information on "Mother Culture" CLICK HERE.

The chapters are short and perfect for busy mums who don't have time to read as much as they would like. 

This has to be one of the most inspiring books I have ever read, and I can see myself re-reading over and over again! 

I enjoyed it so much, I have already purchased two more from the same author:

iPray Salah Pad

My eldest son has really enjoyed using this interactive toy to learn how to pray. Although he used to enjoy praying with me, he seems to have entered in new "phase" where he wants to learn independently...and this even includes the Salah (prayer)!

He has benefited immensely from this toy. The illustrations show him what to do, and when you press on them, he hears what he is supposed to say. He loves it!

In addition to the prayer, it also teaches the wudu, the athaan, and many more duaas. 

Muslim Homeschool Favourites iPray Salah Pad

You can buy it in PINK or BLUE and is available to purchase from Ibraheem Toyhouse

Aishah Learns To Bake

This is an endearing story about a little girl called Aishah who wants to bake! Her mother uses this opportunity to teach Aishah about where all the ingredients come from

It's a lovely way to show children how blessed they are to have food, and to be grateful for it. It also introduces children to the foods mentioned in the Quran and the name of Allah "ar-Razzaq," (the Provider).

Muslim Homeschool Favourites Aisha Learns to Bake

The illustrations are clever and cute (much like Aishah), and my boys were laughing the whole way through the story!

We enjoyed the story so much, we decided to make the same honey and date cupcakes that Aishah and her mum made. There is a recipe in the back of the book. They turned really good mash'Allah!

Nature Study

Finally, although it's not a "tangible" thing, I really wanted to share how much we've been enjoying our nature walks this month. 

The weather has been a little unpredictable, but it hasn't stopped us! We've really been making the most the woodlands and parks around us.

Muslim Homeschool Favourites Nature Walks

Not only do my children benefit from our time outdoors, but I find that I personally need that time away from the home to unwind and reflect

Muslim Homeschool Favourites Nature Walks

If you don't already, I would highly recommend that you schedule some outdoor time into your homeschool routine. It has brought so much balance and peace to our family. Subhanullah!


It's Giveaway time!

Muslim HOmeschool Favourites Giveaway

This August I am excited to share TWO of my favorites with one of you!!!

I will be giving away:
- One copy of Aishah Learns To Bake (RRP: £5.57)- One iPray Salah Pad in Pink (RRP: £17.00)
The August 2016 Favourites Giveaway will run until Wednesday 24th August 2016 at 12AM GMT

The giveaway is open Internationally

All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.

Please aware that if entering overseas, you may be liable to pay customs tax (or the equivalent), so please check beforehand.

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (click HERE is you would like to know more about Rafflecopter). 

I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email. 

The winner has 24 hours to respond, otherwise I will have to select another winner.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we've been enjoying in our homeschool this month. 

I'd love to hear about what your family has been using this August :)
Please let us all know in the comments below.

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See you next month insha'Allah!

In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Looking ahead: Algebra, SAT Prep and University!

 This blog-post was written in partnership with Mr. D Math. Although I was compensated for my time, and given free access to the online material, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Mr. D Math Online Homeschool Curriculum Review
Before I even began home-schooling my children, I was planning ahead! 

How will I teach Algebra, Geometry and higher level Math when it’s been almost 15 years since I was at school? 

How will they get into University, and how do they prepare for standardized tests like the SATs

I was worried about all this before my son even knew the alphabet!

Maybe it’s my Type A personality, but finding out this information gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to start homeschooling!

Mr. D Math Online Curriculum Homeschool

Although we live in the U.K., we have always used Math curriculum from U.S.A., as the choices of Homeschool Math curriculum in the U.K. are limited. 

We have also considered that the children may choose to apply to Colleges and Universities in the “States”, as home-education is more widely accepted there.

So now I was on a mission to find out, how will my homeschooled children get into University in America?  

How will I prepare them for all the SATs, ACTs or FCATs? 

What resources are there available for a homeschooling mum like me from England?

I was delighted in my quest for answers, to come across Mr. D Math.

Mr. D Math

Mr. D Math is the creation of an ex-secondary teacher Dennis DiNoia. He left the school system ten years ago and has since created an innovative online curriculum of his own, that teaches Math as a language, with great success, helping hundreds of students improve their SAT, ACT and FCAT scores.

His online curriculum is taught primarily through recorded videos, with the addition of accompanying homework to reinforce what has been learnt.

Mr. D Math online homeschool curriculum
Exploring Mr. D Math

I really liked his energy in the videos and the dynamic way he presents the material.

He also hand-writes the questions and answers, rather than using “computer-text.” Handwritten text has been proven to be more effective in keeping the student’s attention and helping them to retain what was taught.   

Students then have to grade their own work, which again acts to reinforce the lesson. 

The package includes two exams, online access to Mr D Math teachers (if you have a question), and you can attend a LIVE online Math class once a week. Here is an example of what the LIVE class would be like:

Mr D. Math offers courses in:

- Algebra I 

If you want more details about the different courses and packages  available, visit Mr. D. Math

They also have a Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel you can check out!

Mr. D Math Online Homeschool Curriculum
It didn't take long to for him to fin the Math Games!

The Benefits of Online Classes

For my family, I think online classes will probably be the way we go as the children get older. There are so many benefits to them, including:

- Great for parents who lack confidence in teaching Math themselves.

- Good for Independent learners who was more control over when and how they study.

- Great for Gifted Students, giving them the flexibility to begin the programme at whichever grade level they are studying.

- Good for large families or families with small kids, where parents struggle to find quiet time to study with their children.

- It adds variety into the homeschool day, when most of the student’s curriculum is paper-based.

- The weekly class teaches kids to meet deadline and have gives some structure to their week.

- Great alternative to Private Tuition for families who are on a budget.

I really believe that online Homeschool curriculum have so much to offer the homeschooling communities. 

I just wish Dennis DiNoia would make something similar for French…I’m terrible at French!

Are you also from the U.K., looking to apply to American Universities? 

What resources have you used to prepare for the standardized tests over there? 

Have you ever used any other online Homeschool curriculum? 

How did it compare to other paper-based curriculum?

Please share with us all and leave me a comment down below

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See you next month insha'Allah!

In need of your duaas.

Peace and Love xx