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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Homeschool Favourites | May 2016 |

This month I have some really exciting things to share with you. We have been using and enjoying all of these products in our homeschool this month and I am thrilled to be able to share them with you! 

I'm even doing a GIVEAWAY of one of my favourites, so scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter!

Please note: 

You do NOT need to buy any of these products to be a good mum, or give your child a good education!!! 
The chances are you're already doing a great job with our without these products! 
However, if you are looking for something new and want to see what we've been using, please read on!

May Homeschool Favourites

WATCH THIS YouTube video to see all the products mentioned:

Butterfly Garden

This has to be my absolute favourite thing we did this month! We raised five caterpillars and watched them transform into butterflies...in our kitchen! 

We had raised butterflies before, when my eldest son was three years-old, so we already had our Butterfly Garden. All I needed to do was just order the Caterpillar Refill separately online. This seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition! 

The caterpillars came in their own little tub that contained all the 'food' the would need. We watched them grow...and grow ...and GROW! They got really big! 

I'll be honest, they gave me the creeps a little bit! Thankfully, at no point do you have to touch them!

Muslim Homeschool Favourites

Once they had all made their cocoons, we opened up the plastic tub and carefully removed the paper-like insert from the lid, which had all the cocoons stuck to it. Then we pinned this to the inside of the Butterfly Garden (essentially just a big mesh enclosure).

After a week or two, the butterflies suddenly emerged! We kept them in the house for two days, and gave them fruit, wild flowers and 'homemade-nectar.' (Otherwise known as sugar in water!)

Releasing them into the garden was truly special! It's memories like this that I will treasure forever insha'Allah. 

Muslim Homeschool Favourites

Muslim Homeschool Favourites

Muslim Homeschool Favourites


Usborne Beginners Book Series

We have really enjoyed using these books in our homeschool. This collection of reference books, is aimed at children aged 4-8 years-old. 

Muslim Homeschool Favourites

Muslim Homeschool Favourites

Muslim Homeshool Favourites

From this series, we have:
Caterpillars and Butterflies 
Rubbish and Recycling

The reason I really like this series of books is that the language in them is accessible for young children, without being too childish. 

They are fun, informative and a young reader could comfortably read one independently. The illustrations are beautiful and it is very visually appealing.

I'm hoping to get a few more for next year when we start to study Ancient History insha'Allah.

Nakd Fruit & Nut Bits

I love the whole Nakd range! Their snack bars and fruit and nut bits are so delicious

They are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free

The primary ingredient of the range appears to be dates and cashew nuts. There are loads of different varieties, but my favourite is the cocoa delight. It really tastes like chocolate, but it's completely healthy!

These snacks are very handy to take out with us in the car or when we are out and about on field trips. It's nice to know that the kids are snacking on something wholesome :)

The best thing about these snack bits are that they make NO Crumbs and NO Sticky Fingers and NO Stains

For these reasons, they are an absolute essential in my homeschool. 

Yusuf the Talking Doll

Yusuf is a soft plush doll from DesiDoll Company and he is so cute! 

He speaks in English and Arabic when you push his hands and feet. I love how says, "Atchoo...Alhumdulillah," when you push his little nose! 

There is also a girl version available called Aamina.

Yusuf teaches young children essential Quranic words, phrases and Surahs including:

  • As-Salamu’Alaikum
  • Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
  • Al-hamdu lillah
  • SubhanAllah
  • Insha’Allah
  • JazakAllah Khair
  • Masha’Allah
  • La ilaha illallah Muhammad dur Rasul’lallah
  • Surah Ikhlas + translation
  • Surah Fatiha + translation
  • Fun Nasheeds
Young children learn best through play. It is toys like this that can really help to make a child confident in his Muslim identity, and also teach him more about Islam

He is a beautiful doll and is treasured in our home.

Muslim Homeschool Favourites

Muslim Homeschool Favourites


It’s Giveaway time! 

DesiDoll Giveway

I wanted to share one of my favorites with one of you...well actually TWO... one Yusuf and one Aamina!!!  

The May 2016 Favourites Giveaway will run until Monday 23rd May 2016 at 12AM GMT.  
The giveaway is open internationally.  
All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter. 
Please aware that if entering overseas, you may be liable to pay customs tax (or the equivalent), so please check beforehand.

ONE winner will receive my favourite TWO talking Muslim dolls (Aamina and Yusuf). RRP £56.
You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (click HERE is you would like to know more about Rafflecopter).  I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enjoyed seeing what products we've been using in our homeschool this month. I'd love to hear what some of your favourite products are. 

Please let me know in the comments below.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Awesome Volcano Experiment for Kids

Kaboom! Bang! Whooooooah!

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to do this experiment with my boys this week in our homeschool. Making a volcano is one of those science projects that I have always wanted to do with the kids and it was so much fun!

This volcano experiment is so simple and you with probably have everything you need already in your home. 

If you are interested in how we made our Erupting Volcano, please keep reading!

Homeschool Volcano Experiment

Since a young age, my boys have been obsessed with dinosaurs. So much so, that it had taken over my house. Dinosaur toys, stickers, books, bed sheets....it was driving me CRAZY

Thankfully, this interest has now evolved into an interest in fossils, geology and volcanoes.

As I try to encourage the kids to explore their interests, we decided to make this a part of our homeschool, doing an experiment/project on this topic, once a week.

We have been using the book Rock & Fossil Hunter for our experiments, It's full of different activities that kids can do, using materials that you can easily find in the house. 

This blog post will look at the first two experiments: 

- The Erupting Volcano
- On the Lava Trail

Check out this VIDEO we made of our experiments:

As you can tell, they had so much fun doing these activities! I'm sure your kids will too!

Awesome Volcano Experiment

homeschool volcano experiment

Materials Needed:

Small plastic water bottle
Measuring jug
Bicarbonate of soda
Red Food Colouring
Washing-up liquid

  1. Place the bottle in the middle of the tray, and pile up the sand around it, to look like a volcano. If the sand is not sticking, dampen it a bit to help it hold in place. The decorate the outside of the volcano however you like...obviously in my home that meant with dinosaurs!
    homeschool volcano experiment
  2. Pour enough warm water into the jug to fill the bottle 2/3 full. Then add 2 dessert spoons of bicarb, 1 dessert spoon of food colouring, 1 dessert spoon of washing-up liquid to the jug.
    homeschool volcano experiment
  3. Pour this mixture into the bottle.
  4. Then get ready for the eruption.....it will happen quickly!!!

       Pour 100ml of vinegar into the bottle and jump back!

Don't worry, it's not explosive....just very foamy! Perfectly safe for little kids!

Homeschool volcano experiment

homeschool volcano experiment

This could also work for a chemistry experiment if you have older kids. It's a simple acid-base reaction.

Why are volcanoes different shapes?

This is the second experiment from the book Rock & Fossil Hunter.

It aims to illustrate how the temperature of lava affects its flow and the ultimate shape of the volcano

The cooler the lava, the slower it flows, resulting in conical volcanoes. 

The hotter the lava, the faster it flows, leading to flatter (shield) volcanoes.

Materials Needed:

2 tins of treacle
2 plates
Heat-proof pan
Boiling water

  1. Put once tin of treacle in the fridge overnight.
    Homeschool Lava Experiment
  2. Put the other tin into the heat-proof pan, and surround it in boiling water. Leave it to warm up the treacle for thirty minutes. 
  3. Open both tins, and pour onto separate plates. 
    Homeschool Lava Experiment
    Cold Lava

    Homeschool Lava Experiment
    Hot Lava

You should find the cold treacle piles up on the plate, like viscous cool lava would.
The hotter treacle will spread out to form a wider puddle, like runny lava.

Both of these experiments should be done under the supervision of an adult and are suitable for child aged 4+.

Are your children interested in volcanoes? 
What volcano activities have you done with them?
If you have any great resources on the subject, or if you have written a blog post on the topic, please share it in the comments below.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and reading this blog post.

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